EMG Slogan Tee1 - XX Large

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American Apparel_PL401_Blank.jpg

EMG Slogan Tee1 - XX Large


Off Trend, Off Piste, Off Milk

Black print on white cotton t-shirts kindly donated to us by American Apparel.

'Off Trend' - a counter culture to the obsolete cycle of fashion seasons and sales, embrace your own style, free yourself from any pressure you may feel from society

'Off Piste' - going off the beaten track can be challenging, forging your own path with unknown destinations, but no doubt more of an adventure than doing what your told

‘Off Milk’ – self-explanatory!

Go Your Own Way!

50% of the sales go to a TRAID & CHILDHOPE project to protect children in Bangladesh from accidents, trafficking and abuse as well as guide them towards a route to education and a life off the streets while their parents work in garment factories through providing day centres. 

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